The Day I Realized How Old I Am

I know I am 22. I feel a little bummed about it because I feel I should have more accomplished by now, but that’s how old I am. It’s pretty nice. There are very few things off-limits to me at this point. My only restriction is that I can’t order from the 55+ menu at most restaurants or cash in on those juicy senior citizen discounts at movie theatres -I’m not bitter because I know my time will come. 

I was born in 1991, and it’s 2013, but 1999 was only a few years ago, right? That’s how life feels anyway. All my memories of life just sort of mesh together and I forget that the millenia I was born in ended more than a decade ago. But the other night SNL did a skit making fun of the terrible 90s commercials marketed toward kids. Then I realized that the skit was probably written by people who were children during the 90s and were watching the cheesy commercials that came on during afternoon kid shows. The kids of the 90s are the people writing TV today. That made me feel very old. 


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