One Week of my own.

I don’t have a lot of responsibilities that effect people that are not me -not this week anyway. If I decided that I wanted to pack up my car and leave, or even just take a week off to do whatever I wanted there wouldn’t be a lot that would go undone. I simply don’t have the resources for a week of freedom. Assuming that I did though, here is an itemized list of things that I would get done. My budget is 10,000 dollars so I’ll make rough estimations to work within that.

1. Before any man can embark on a journey of badassery (baddassry?) he needs a fresh suit. I’m getting one of those first.

2. Rent a car. I don’t know what I’d get but something American. I don’t know how much these cost since I’ve never gotten one.

3. I would find a worthy babe and take her on the best date she’s ever been on. I’ll do this early so that I don’t have to budget conservatively later one. I live with fear to often, so I think I would try would approach this with no reservations. Apparently, 10 grand makes me stupid confident.

4. I might fly to Seattle for a day and spend time with my family. There is nothing about Seattle that really attracts me -I’m far too in love with Los Angeles to see any appeal in other U.S. cities – but I have family and friends in that city that I want to see. I’d like to start a grunge band there.

5. Finally, I’d buy a Fender Stratocaster, American. I used to be a Les Paul guy. Now, I’m not. You can thank David Gilmour for that.


Then I’d blog about it.


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