Your guts are just as smart as your brains

Generally, it’s best to think things through, weigh risks, analyze the consequences of variables, and finally make decisions considering all of the things we just thought about it. Logic, reason, evaluation and analysis are tools well-implemented in decision making. I don’t think many people would argue otherwise.

But sometimes your gut doesn’t want to consider those things. Sometimes your gut cares more about the gold at the end of the end of the rainbow than it is concerned about the journey that it takes to get there. Sometimes the gut is so enticed by the prospect of something pleasurable that any possible negative outcome is overlooked, leaving only a taste for what might be. If the brain is a sensible man, the gut is a savage, looking only to satisfy his most primal instincts.
Usually I don’t give much authority to my gut. As much as I might want something, I let my reason make decisions for me. I evaluate everything that I have to lose before I make a move, and if I have too much to lose then its not worth it.
I’ve caged the wild man living in my gut. And some days I regret it. Things that are within my own control have worked out well for me. I make decisions meticulously and I never put myself on the line to the point where I can’t easily reverse what I’ve done. It’s paid off some. But I’ve also missed out on a lot of things because I chose to be sensible. It’s true that perhaps I’m better off from being reasonable, and had I taken greater risks in life, I might have screwed myself over, but I’ll never know because I didn’t choose to do whatever it is I’m regretting now.

Somethings are worth the risk of failure. Somethings are worth putting yourself on the line for. Somethings are worth making yourself look foolish for. As much as the sensible man can lead you to good fortune, the savage inside you can bring you happiness that you never would have had a chance to experience if you didn’t take an outrageous risk. And in the absence of happiness, you can still count on feeling some other privileged emotion exclusive to the human experience. Sadness, as painful as it might be, adds richness to life. It makes it dynamic and exciting because you never know what you are going to get. In the throws of pain, sadness might seem like torment, but retrospectively, it usually adds some depth to the lives we have lived.

While I have generally followed my gut. I would advise others to live on the edge, far beyond the boundaries that I have set for myself.


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