Don’t Clown Around


When it comes to making things right, there aren’t a lot of things that I can think of that I would definitely without a doubt in my change. Even if I didn’t like the direct outcome of a particular incident, I am generally happy with most things in my life and I wouldn’t want one detail to change that. Still, it always bothers that maybe I would have done things better if I had a little foreknowledge of what my behavior was going to lead to.

Take now, for instance. I’m about four weeks from the end of the last Fall semester I will ever have as an undergraduate. I don’t have to be an all-star at this point, simply graduating will be enough fuel to propel me into the next stage of my life. And yet, only four weeks away, I find myself buried by a plethora of final projects and make-up work that I need to conquer before I can catch my break at Christmas. This mountain would have been climbed easier had I consistently, and diligently worked harder at it in the weeks prior. Instead I clowned around and made light of everything, entertaining other, less-important, but more-important to me, tasks when I could have been using my limited free time to destroy my homework. But I didn’t. So here I am. Even now, I waste time that I could be using to get caught up and ahead on this blog post -by the way, that means you better enjoy reading this. I’m making a sacrifice for the 5 people that might look at this post. Back on topic – if I could change anything about letting my work slide, I wouldn’t let it slide. I would have done it a long time ago and I would have put a great effort into it. 

The next subject of interest is completely unrelated but I feel like killing more time.

Our society doesn’t worry too much about creating boundaries between men and women. We are open to have as many friendships with people of the opposite sex as we want. You might be called a tomboy, or a flirt, or people might wonder if you are gay, but you can still do whatever you want. I met a Saudi man the other day that said he had no reason to talk a woman if she wasn’t family or if he didn’t need anything for her. He says that’s the way the Saudis do it. Me, I can be friends with as many girls as I want. 

But this freedom to have friends of the opposite sex comes with a price. That price is paid with awkward conversations that define what the friendship will look like, and make clear the feelings that both parties might be feeling. Yes, sometimes one person might be totally in love with their hot just-friend, or maybe both are in love with each other. And even still the possibility that two people can have absolutely no feelings for each other might exist. But the point remains that there should at least be some clarification as to what is going on. However awkward or scary this conversation might seem, it’s not nearly as bad as the messiness that ensues when you let this conversation slide. 


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