It’s annoying for me to think about how long it actually took me to realize that I am not merely a Christian, but a Jesus follower. Of course I would still call my self a Christian, despite the negative connotations of that word among people my own age, but I realize that the point of what I do is not for the sake of being Christian- at least not anymore. I used to think that being a Christian meant doing certain things and not doing other things and in order for me to be a good one I had to not only follow those lists of do’s and don’t’s but I had to learn how to defend why those things were important to do and not do. In my naivety I believed that Jesus wanted me to convince other people why they should follow those lists of things to do and not to do and why they should also defend those things once they believed them. 
I’ve moved on from those convictions, thankfully and as Paul so wonderfully stated in 1 Cr. 2.2, “I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” I’ve done away with the preoccupation of trying to have good theology and the stress of making sure that I articulate my faith in a way that stays true to scripture -although I still recognize the importance of those things -and I am trying to just focus on following Jesus, allowing myself to experience his love in the way in which he loves me. He leads me by still waters, and he leads me on the path of righteousness. He leads me and I follow. At least I try to, I am not always successful. But I think he’s ok with that. I’m under the impression that all he really wants from me is to follow him and let his love change me.


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