American Nap Time.

I am a Southern California boy through and through. I love driving through LA, I like all of our museums, the unique characteristics of every district in the city proper, the beaches and the parks. There are a lot of things to do in LA and Orange Counties. It helps that the weather is great because we usually have the option to take day outing instead of being stuck inside.

We have what meteorologists, or whoever else studies the weather, call a Mediterranean Climate -its called this because most of the countries that have weather like ours have a Mediterranean coast. Even though Californians are on completely different continent, we have more in common with Mediterranean peoples than we think, due in large part to the similarities in our weather.

We thing that we do not have in common, however, is the daily observance of afternoon nap time. The Italians, the Spanish, especially the Spanish, the Greeks and the rest all have afternoon nap times. Understandably so, naps are amazing. There is not a better time for a nap than right after lunch during the warmest part of the day. So why don’t we do it? Studies show that people that take naps are at lower risk for heart disease (Google this yourself, I’m too lazy to link you to Wikipedia). More importantly, how could anyone expect me to stay focused on work or school when the sun is out and the birds are singing. I’d much rather be next to lake, sitting under a tree, dozing off as I attempt to do leisurely reading. I’d rather lay out in the park after riding my bike there to catch a few z’s. I’m sure if you are still reading these posts, you probably agree with me -or at least you like the way I play with words, either way I’m flattered.

Anyway, I think I’d rather have a designated nap time in the afternoon and let the work day go into the evening. I’m a big fan of nightlife, but you can only have nightlife at twilight or later. That means that for people working or going to school on a regular day’s hours, you have at least two hours of awkward late-afternoon day-time before you can really get to partying. Nobody likes that.

So let’s work together to make this happen. I am dedicated to making Southern California a bona fide nap culture. I think we would all be better off if we can get this rolling.



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