The Unsettled Spirit.

I think we all have it in us. Some of us more than others, certainly, but we all have the spirit of adventure within us. I can’t really describe it because the form in which it exists in me is not identical to how it looks in someone else. But I’d challenge anyone to say that they have never felt the spirit of adventure make them restless and uneasy with those things which are too familiar for us -things like work and school and obligations and responsibilities. 

Unfortunately for most of us, especially for the dreamers, life makes us pick our priorities. We put our desire for genuine adventure on the shelf in exchange for security. Understandably so, we need food and shelter to stay alive and to have these things we need to work or go to school so that we can work later. Eventually these things take up all of our time and there is little time left for adventure. And that’s only if you don’t have hobbies that you haven’t already dedicated your time to. 

But every now and then we stumble upon some extra time -and hopefully some extra funds. It might be tempting to use this extra time or money responsibly. Don’t waste your time. Instead, give in to the wild sense of adventure that lives inside. 

You see, there is something about adventure, I have discovered, that makes it one of the most exciting branches of the human experience. When I talk about adventure, I’m talking about doing the things and going to the places that we don’t usually get a chance to experience. I probably should have defined that a little earlier but I’m doing it now and I’m adding this interjection to remind you that this is raw piece of written work that you are reading. Anyway, I think we really cheat ourselves when we don’t allow ourselves the satisfaction of throwing our routine a curve ball and doing something completely unprecedented. It adds value to our experience as humans. It helps put our lives into perspective when we allow ourselves the opportunity to put on a new pair of glasses, metaphorically speaking of course. 

I’m not a big fan of setting regulations for anything, especially not adventure. But my conviction against setting rules is not as deep as the conviction that the most crucial part of any adventure is the people that you share your adventures with and the people you meet while you are on them.  Sometimes, your life may inadvertently take you on an adventure that you did not choose, and consequently you’ll be on that journey alone. Initially anyway. Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to meet new people on these adventures that you may or may not have. It’s comforting knowing that you shared some part of life with another person that you’ll probably never get to see again, or who knows maybe you will. 

It goes without saying that having friends that you’ve already had go on adventures with you is priceless. I’m bold enough to say, after spending the last thirty minutes talking about how great it is to go on adventures, that people add the most value to any excursion you might choose to take. Nature, solidarity, and the prospect of conquering the unknown all come second to the prospect that you might share something special with other people. 



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