I think all tamales are great. I can’t decide what I like most, but pork is definitely my least favorite. I do prefer cheese and chicken over others, but sometimes, if the cook knows what she/he is doing, then the sugar kind are my favorite. They also have to be the right size. Tamales that are too big are overwhelming, and ones that are too small are disappointing. You have to get the right size. Although most people make decent tamales, I know some people that try to get crazy with their recipe and make some nasty ones. I hate when people put things in tamales that don’t belong there, like olives, corn, carrots, etc. Yuck. 

Finally, I apologize to all of my central American friends, but the only right way to cook a tamale is in a corn husk. Those banana things that people make sometime are just down right nasty. 


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