I thought the story of Narcissus was pretty cheap. I mean I know that it was an exaggerated story to draw out a point but it doesn’t make sense logically. If Narcissus was proud of his looks, then he must have already known what he looked like otherwise he couldn’t be proud. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense for him to fall in love with his own reflection when Nemesis tricked him into looking at in a pond. Also, as he was dying he would have gotten all shriveled up and nasty. Surely he couldn’t have thought that was attractive. 


We’ll we are talking about reflections, I really like the story of the dog with the steak that saw his reflection in the river. He thought he saw another dog and tried to take his steak which caused him to drop his own steak in the river. That story makes sense because dogs are idiots. 


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